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Building Healthy Communities | Respecting Traditional Values

The Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre (SKHC) provides a wide range of programming services including traditional healing, primary care, health promotion, chronic disease management, family-focused maternal/child health care, addictions counselling, mental wellness care, diabetes care, youth empowerment and many other programs. These are provided in a culturally safe manner to the urban aboriginal population living in the City of Greater Sudbury and partner First Nations.

All services are based on implementing best practices for community health care while prioritizing the incorporation of traditional teachings, cultural value systems and traditional healing methods of Aboriginal values emphasizing the connectedness of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well-being. This unique approach is what makes SKHC so important to the area’s Aboriginal population. We provide these services and activities in a culturally safe environment that honours the teachings of our ancestral relations.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre.